Each voter may vote only at one polling station in the polling division in which he/she is

How to vote

A voter, after he or she has been duly identified would be issued a ballot paper.

The voter will then go into one of the compartments in the polling station and with the
pencil provided in the compartment, place a cross (X) in the column to the immediate
right of the column containing the name of the candidate for which he/she wishes to vote.


Please note that:

  • The mark must be made fully within the slot set aside for the X.
  • No other symbol should be used. A ballot paper with any other symbol other than an X in the slot provided for making the mark (X), would be rejected. Use only an X.
  • For this By-Election, there is only one (1) seat to be filled therefore each voter can cast only one (1) vote. This means that he/she is entitled to vote for only one (1) candidate.
  • A ballot with more than one (1) X in different slots on the ballot paper would be rejected.
  • Not more than one (1) X should be placed in any given slot. A ballot with more than one X in any given slot provided for making the mark (X), would be rejected.
  • If a voter makes a mistake and spoils the ballot he/she can ask the Presiding Officer for a fresh ballot paper.

So the voter has now completed the exercise of voting. He shall then fold the ballot
paper so that the initials of the Presiding Officer and the numbers on the counterfoil can
be seen but not the votes cast. The folded paper is then returned to the Presiding Officer
who will then check for his or her initials, remove the counterfoil and drop the Ballot
Paper in the Ballot Box in the presence of the voter.

The voter shall then leave the polling station.