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Preparation of Preliminary List of Voters

The public is advised that the Electoral Commission is presently making arrangements to prepare a Preliminary List of Voters between June and August 2017. All eligible voters are accordingly invited to apply for registration under Regulation 3 of the Election (Continuous Registration) Regulations. A person shall be entitled to be registered as a voter and when registered, to vote at an election if he/she:

a)Has attained the age of 18 years and

b)Is not a person of unsound mind as found under any law in force in Montserrat; and

c)Is a Commonwealth citizen; and

d)Has resided in Montserrat for thirty-six (36) months immediately preceding the date of registration as a voter or is domiciled in Montserrat and is resident therein at the date of such registration; and

e)Is not disqualified under the provisions of the Elections Ordinance from being registered as a voter.

f) If he/she is out of the country to follow a recognized course of full time study or training and obtains a certificate to that effect from the Ministry of Education.

Once approved, the names will be deemed included in the Preliminary List of Voters when it is prepared from June 1 to August 31. The new list will include the deletion of names as required under Section 16 of the Electoral Commission Act 2012 .
At the time of registration, persons seeking to be registered need to provide (1) form of Government Issued photo Identification (ID) (such as Passport or Driver’s Licence) and proof of address.

Persons are kindly asked to note that the deadline for registration is May 31st 2017.

Persons can register or get further information at the Elections Office, Legislature Department, #1 Farara Plaza, Brades, Montserrat.

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